Saturday, July 19, 2014

More photos!


Rita and Art, hamming it up!



Look at all these smiling faces:



Life is just dandy, when you go RVing…especially with Monacos-in-Motion friends!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Time to say goodbye…

Our final Monaco-in-Motion social time, with a little something-something for our rally leaders:



We all then enjoyed a very nice farewell dinner at a restaurant near the campground, and were entertained by this visitor:


She moved on down the fence and started eating on the other side of it, where the grass is always greener!

See y’all down the road.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monaco-ers on ice!

Columbia Icefield:

And some more adventurers who made it up to Mt. Edith Cavell:

Photos by Kathy.

Keep'em coming!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So long…au revoir


Thanks to everyone who tagged along with us on this great caravan.  And a special thanks to all who actually left us comments.  We certainly appreciated them.

We are (mostly) all leaving Jasper NP today after our farewell hugs, heading to various parts of Canada (for some), and back to the United States (for others).  For several of us, we will soon meet again in Oregon for a Monaco International Rally.  Have motorhome; will travel!

So, this is not “The End,” but simply a “so long till we meet again.”


Safe travels, everyone!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fraser River float

Here are the Monaco-ers, all ready to hop on the bus to head to the river for a relaxing float trip down the Fraser River, with scenic Mt. Robson looming in the background:P1230508

But first, we had to supervise the off loading of the two rafts:P1230515P1230514

We saw beautiful scenery…and even a bear!


Everyone had fun, without even lifting the first oar, and learned about the area from our young guides.  It was certainly the easiest river trip we had ever done!


Tonight is our farewell dinner, and it will be a happy/sad occasion…but relief for our rally masters that they are officially off duty as of 9a in the morning!  We will lift a toast or two tonight to your careful planning, and for the execution of this great Canadian Rockies Ramble adventure.  It has been a great trip, with good people.

Check back here again for more photos to follow.  There are more to come!

From all of us below, we say THANKS to Paul, Betsy and Kathy…as well as Don and Norma… for being our fearless leaders for 19 days.  Y’all rock!!!

Dick and Sandy B…Jim and Carol…Wilt and Barbara…

John and Pam…Patrick and Sandy K…Art and Rita…

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mt. Edith Cavell and other stuff

Check out this big boy that was right next to the road this morning, just outside the campground!


Just down the road, we spotted a coyote but he didn’t stick around and pose for us.

Our first attraction this morning was Mount Edith Cavell, a mountain located in the Athabasca River and Astoria River valleys of Jasper National Park, and the most prominent peak entirely within Alberta.

The mountain was named in 1916 for Edith Cavell, an English nurse who was executed by the Germans during World War I for having helped allied soldiers escape from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands, in violation of military law.


Most everyone eventually made it to the top viewing area.  These were the first arrivals.  On the way down the mountain, we saw a mama black bear and two cubs!

After this hike, we got a short rest while driving over to view Athabasca Falls.  A powerful, picturesque waterfall, Athabasca Falls is not known so much for the height of the falls (23 meters), as it is known for its force due to the large quantity of water falling into the gorge. The river 'falls' over a layer of hard quartzite and through the softer limestone below, carving the short gorge and a number of potholes. Also note the “Alpine Gardens’ clinging to the canyon walls:


We enjoyed a picnic on the banks of the river before heading to downtown Jasper for a town walking tour.


To top off a perfect day, dinner was at Jasper Brewery.

These caravans are a whole lot of fun!  More photos can be viewed at my personal blog, so if you are interested, click here.

We have one more day here in Jasper, and it involves………water…………and it is not the drinking variety either.  Stay tuned…

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bear jam, glaciers, and waterfalls

The group got caught in a “bear jam” en route to the icefield this morning, so we pulled over for a few shots...with the cameras.  See that hump?  This is a grizzly bear that was grazing beside the roadway:P1230264

The Columbia Icefield is an icefield located in the Canadian Rockies, astride the Continental Divide of North America. The icefield lies partly in the northwestern tip of Banff National Park, and the southern end of Jasper National Park. The icefield feeds eight major glaciers.  It is a major destination for ski mountaineering in the winter months, and sightseeing by snowcoaches during the summer.



On the way back to the CG, we stopped off at a couple of beautiful waterfalls, Tangle Creek and Sunwapta:


We are doing heavy hors d’oeuvres at the CG tonight, so we hope the elk crew (4 mamas and 2 babies) come back again to entertain us.  We already had two munching this afternoon (check the background over the car for the second one):

P1230330 - Copy

It’s just another day in paradise!